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29th November 2022

It has been a very difficult growing year this year with all the dry weather we had in the summer, Sally really struggled to keep all the growing crops in the field alive but did a brilliant job of producing fresh produce for the Farm Shop, we have now gone from one extreme to another and the rain has arrived, nature always gives us our average yearly rain fall, just a pity it did not spread it thought-out the year.

Our thoughts have to now turn to Christmas. We are now taking orders for Fruit, Veg, Bread and Turkeys. Turkeys are selling fast this year so dent leave it too late before you order them, or you may miss out. You can collect order forms from the Farm Shop. All orders must be returned by 20th December for collection up to 2pm on Christmas Eve.

We have got traditional handmade holly wreaths in the Farm Shop which are available to purchase now.

We have a selection of pot plants and fresh cut flowers.

We are harvesting plenty of seasonal vegetables and have sacks of local grown potatoes.

We hope to see you soon

Best Wishes

The Roselea Team

22nd November 2021

Here we are the third week of November where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were wishing you all a happy new year. 

We have had another very busy season on the nursery growing all the salad, veg and cut flowers in the field along with all the plant production in the glasshouse and keeping the farm shop stocked and open 7 days a week. We are still asking that customers wear face coverings and observe social distancing in the farm shop, this is for everybody’s safety, and many customers say that is how they wont it to be, we all need to feel safe while going about our daily lives in these still uncertain times.

As many of you will have noticed the outdoor plant sales area is currently undergoing a makeover, this will bring everything all to one level, give us a larger area to display plants and hopefully make your plant shopping experience even more enjoyable. This area will all be completed by the spring ready for a new plant season, which is already being planned, seeds getting ordered and going through the catalogue’s to decide what we are going to grow next year.

The Farm Shop is stocked with all the usual seasonal produce. We are now taking orders for Christmas, you can order your Fruit and Veg, Turkey or Chicken and bakery products all to collect up until 2pm Christmas Eve. Order forms can be collected at the farm shop and need to be returned to us by December 20th.

On Saturday December 4th we have got “Sally’s handmade Christmas crafts” having a stall in the glasshouse, these are all handmade items and all the money raised goes to “For the One” charity. Sally held this last year and it was very popular and she is returning this year after requests from customers.

We hope to see you in the Farm Shop soon, and thank you all for your continued support.

Take care and stay safe.

The Roselea Team


28th June 2021

We are nearly at the end of June where has the year gone to, it has been a very mixed season of weather so far. very changeable no two days seem the same, summer one day and autumn the next.

Everybody has been busy on the nursery growing and maintaining the crops, running the farm shop and trying to keep everybody supplied with what they want. We are currently harvesting 5 varieties lettuce, spring onions, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflowers, calabrese and broad beans.

We have got locally grown new potatoes, strawberries and raspberries in the farm shop along with all the usual variety of fruit and vegetables and local produce.

In the glasshouse we still have a few bedding plants for the odd gaps you find, along with a selection of perennials to brighten up your garden. We have got 75 ltr and 45 ltr compost peat based and peat reduced available.

We hope to see you soon.

12th March 2021

Here we are again, where is the year going to, as the lockdown rules start to ease let us all hope that we may be able to get some more normality in our lives again.

Life here is very busy still, the shop is keeping us busy with our full range of fresh fruit and vegetables, pet food, groceries, cut flowers, and spring bedding and potted bulbs.

The production of vegetable plants is under way in the glasshouse, we have broad bean plants ready now and the lettuce and early brassica plants will ready very shortly. The first tomatoes plants are now up and will be potted up very shortly.

We have got plenty of compost and growbags available in various sizes which we can load directly into your car for you so you do not need to lift it in.

We are still taking orders for fruit and veg for collection orders must be in Monday to Friday by 12 noon for next day collection, orders are not available for collection  on Sundays or Mondays.

We hope to see you soon.

30th December 2020

With just 1 day of 2020 left to go, and I am sure you are the same as us and will be glad to see the back of the year. Everybody has had their whole lives changed this year by Covid, we have all had to get use to a new way of living, and all do our part to try and protect ourselves and everybody around us. We still have a long way to go but with the news today that the Oxford vaccine has been approved hopefully 2021 will be the year of change for Covid.

Here at Roselea Nursery we have had to adapt to a new way of working, serving customers in a safe and secure way, thinking about everything you do to keep yourself and others safe. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our customers and friends for all their kind messages of support this year, it has meant so much to us. Many customers have now become very close friends to us, it proves that people do pull together during a crisis.

Looking forward to 2021 we have got all the seeds ordered, and a sowing plan ready to keep the continuity of fresh produce on the shelves. The spring bulbs and primroses are growing well in the glasshouse and will be available to buy very shortly.

In the farm shop we have got all the seasonal vegetables and fruit along with all our usual stock.

We take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe 2021, and hope the year will improve and we can get back to a more normal life.

Take Care and Stay Safe

Sally, Steven and Toni 

23rd September 2020

Who would believe we are nearly at the end of September already, we are still in very strange and uncertain times, this virus is not giving up as yet, it looks like at least another 6 months of restriction’s. We are doing all we can to keep customers safe in the Farm Shop, we regularly sanitise areas and limit it to 2 customers in the shop at a time, we know that this can cause queues at times and thank people for there patience, we are all in this together and must respect each others safety.

In the Farm shop we have got a full range of fruit and vegetables, and are harvesting a lot of our own produce and flowers, locally grown potatoes are now available in 25kg and 12.5kg sacks. We are still making up orders for next day collection for anybody who doesn’t want to come into the shop, these can be e mailed to or phoned through by 12 noon on 01394 448675.

In the glasshouse there are spring flowering bulbs, pansies, polyanthus, primroses and wallflower plants available to plant now for spring colour, we have got plenty of compost in 75 and 40 litre bags all available.

Our opening hours are 9am – 4pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 3pm Sundays. We except cash or card payments.

We would like to thank everybody for there continued support and messages of thanks, and hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Stay Safe.

Roselea Team

10th June 2020

It has been a long time since I have found time to update the latest news page, as you can imagine we have been very busy during the pandemic working 7 days a week from early morning into the evening to try and keep all the customers supplied with there needs. We have been doing home deliveries and orders for collection in the shop during this time and also keeping the shop open 7 days a week.

We would like to thank all customers for the support and patience during this time, we know you have had to queue outside waiting to get in the shop, but many people enjoyed standing outside chatting with each other at a distance. We have had some lovely comments and messages of thanks which means a lot to us, it is theses messages which help you to keep going. 

The farm shop is fully stocked with all the usual produce, we also have locally grown new potatoes, strawberries and raspberries. We are currently harvesting our own grown



Lollo Rosso

Little Gem 

Large leaf cos

Crisp lettuce

Round Cabbage

Pointed Cabbage


Golden Beetroot

Broad Beans

Dwarf Beans

Mini Cucumbers

Sally is busy in the field, planting and maintaining the crops to give a continuation of produce for the shop. We have at last had some rain which has helped a great deal, watering all the growing crops is very time consuming job to do.

We have got a delivery of compost due to arrive on Thursday 11th so hopefully will be out for sale on Friday 12th June. We hope all the new gardeners who have taken it up since lockdown are enjoying there new hobby and getting pleasure from it. Gardening can be very relaxing and rewarding to see all you work when it is finished.

So that is all for now, and it is always a pleasure to see faces old and new in the farm shop, we will continue to do our best to keep giving you the high standard of produce and service we pride ourselves on.

11th February 2020

Here we are nearly half way through February, 2019 is now a distant memory and we are busy moving on with 2020.

Life here on the nursery is wet, Sally has been unable to get on the land to get it cultivated at the moment, but that means when it does turn dry there will be a lot to get done in a short space of time.

In the glasshouse we have got Polyanthus, Primroses, Wallflowers and a selection of pot grown spring bulbs available for planting now to give some spring colour. The first vegetable plants have been pricked off and should be ready about mid March, We have got Broad Beans, Cabbage, Calabrese and Lettuce pricked of so far. The first tomato seedlings are now up and will be potted up soon.

In the farm shop we have all our usual produce, and are currently harvesting :


Red Cabbage

White Cabbage





Sprouting Broccoli

We have got locally grown daffodils at 80p a bunch, soon we will be picking our own grown daffodils but they need a little bit more warmth.

If you ever have any questions on any thing we grow or stock please phone us on 01394 448675 and we will be happy to help.

10th December 2019

On this date there is only one thing I can talk about, that is Christmas it is approaching fast. We are busy here getting ready for the rush, we need a lot of forward planning to be ready for the week before Christmas.

In the Farm Shop we are taking orders for Fruit and Vegetables, Bread, Locally reared Turkeys and Chickens. The last day for ordering is Friday 20th December. There is a selection of locally baked Christmas cakes and puddings, Mince pies, and shortbread available to buy.

In the glasshouse we have locally made traditional holly wreaths and also locally made Christmas wreaths ideal for that festive door decoration or to put on a grave to remember that loved one at Christmas.

A selection of pot plants are available for that extra gift or just treat yourself. Fruit baskets can be made up to order at a size and price you require, 24 hours notice is needed for these.

Sally, Steven & Toni would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

21st October 2019

As I stand here typing this looking out of the window it is raining again, we said that when it started it wouldn’t know when to stop, we mustn’t complain we need it, the surface is now nice and moist but the water table is still very low and we need this to raise ready for the next dry spell.

The wet has not stopped us getting on, all the planting for 2019 is now completed so we will have a continued crop of winter brassicas, leeks and celeriac. We are still harvesting Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Calabrese, Sprouting Broccoli, Curly Kale, Celeriac, Parsley and Chrysanthemum’s. We have locally grown Potatoes, Onions, apples and pears.

Wallflowers, Pansies, Polyanthus and spring flowering bulbs are all still available, now is the time to plant for that early spring colour.

As from this weekend we will be operating our winter opening hours, our weekdays will be 8am to 5.30pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm.

20th August 2019

Here we are nearly at the end of August, the last seeds have been sown for the season and most of the planting has now been done, there is just a few lettuce, beetroot, spring cabbage and sweet Williams left to plant. All the winter crops are looking good in the field so we hope to have a plentiful supply in the winter months.

The farm shop is full of our own grown and locally grown produce, it is a lovely time of the year with all your fresh vegetables, fruit and salad with very few food miles. We are currently harvesting;

Savoy Cabbage

Curly Kale

Runner Beans

French Beans





Spring Onions

5 varieties lettuce

Cut flowers

Locally Grown

Discovery Apples

Victoria Plums



Bunched Carrots

In the glasshouse the first pansies have been pricked off along with wallflowers which will hopefully be ready about mid September and these usually go through until the end of October. The polyanthus and primrose plants will be about 2 weeks later, most of these we grow for the spring sales but plants are always available in the autumn to any body who wants them.

The spring flowering bulbs have been ordered and should be for sale by mid/late September, these we sell as bulbs but will also have them grown in pots in the spring for instant colour for those who don’t want to wait for them to grow.

The vegetable plant season is coming to an end but we still have lettuces, beetroot, Sprouting Broccoli and spring cabbages to plant now.

We are open all the Bank Holiday weekend. Saturday 8am – 5.30pm, Sunday & Monday 9am – 4pm. We hope to see you soon.

21st June 2019

It has been a while since I last updated the latest news page, life here has been very busy, which is what we want. We went from very dry to very wet in a short spell of time, the crops enjoyed the rain and look much better for it, the downside to the rain is the weeds are now growing and these need removing as soon as possible, the crops don’t need the competition for food and water.

In the Farm Shop we have got our own grown and locally grown produce, we harvest daily so everything is as fresh as possible and it has no food miles, what supermarket can do that? 

We are currently harvesting:




Broad Beans




Round Lettuce

Red Lettuce

Little Gem


Large leaf Cos

Spring Onions

Locally Grown:



New Potatoes

Bunched Carrots

We have got the full range of block raised vegetable plants to see what is available at the moment please see our Planting Calendar page. We have still got some bedding and basket plants left for those little gaps you find.

Well that is all for now, I have now got to go and prick off some more seedlings.

24th April 2019

Here we are nearly at the end of April, what has happened to the April showers? We really need a nice steady rain to freshen things up, the crops in the field are all looking for moisture, Sally has had the irrigation running but nothing beats a natural rain to encourage growth. We have got Lettuce’s, Beetroot, Chard, Broad beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower & Calabrese all planted out. This is the start of our planting season and we continue to plant at regular intervals to keep the shop stocked.

For all of you keen gardeners we have got vegetable plants in peat blocks (Please see our planting calendar to see what is available) In the glasshouse we have got Tomato and pepper plants, the Cucumber plants will be ready very soon but as these are so frost tender we do not have these ready as early. The glasshouse is looking full at the moment, we have got bedding and basket plants, zonal geraniums, fuchsia’s, salvias, ivy leaf  geraniums, herbs and a variety of hardy garden plants available.

We have now got the Dingley Dell sausages in packets of 6 which are proving very popular along with ham and bacon all from local reared pigs. Locally grown Asparagus, Strawberries and Raspberries are all very tempting at the moment, the first taste of the season is one of the best. We have our own grown rhubarb which is available but if you like to get some in the freezer we are selling 10lb for £8.00 but this needs to be ordered the day before you wish to collect it.

It is always lovely to see you, so hope to see you soon.

4th March 2019

It has been a while since I last done an update, the time just goes by so fast. I can not believe that we are into March where has the time gone.

We have been busy seed sowing and pricking off the first vegetable plants, these will be available from Saturday 9th March for those of you who keen to get planting and like getting the early crops. We have rhubarb crowns which you can plant out now and will be able to harvest a small amount this year (they are best left to get established for the first year) and then next year you can harvest the whole crop.

The glasshouse is full of spring colour, the potted primroses look lovely at the moment, there are also some mixed bowls planted up for those of you who want instant colour. The perennials are not far behind the warm weather we had in February really brought everything on.

We are harvesting purple sprouting broccoli, white sprouting broccoli, cabbages, borecole, parsley, celeriac, leeks and beetroot. We have Desiree, Maris Piper and Nadine potatoes grown locally, so the food miles are all very low.

The daffodils we grow in the field are being picked daily so are always fresh and priced at 65p per bunch you can have spring colour indoors at very little cost.

As from Saturday 30th March the summer hours resume, we will then be open Monday – Saturday 8am – 5.30pm and Sunday 9am – 4pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

2nd January 2019

A very Happy New Year to you, we hope it is a healthy, happy and prosperous year for you all.

Christmas is now behind us and we now start looking forward to another growing season, we are busy sorting out our seed and planting diary so we have a continued supply of our own grown produce in the farm shop, this is no easy task trying to know what the public want to  buy and when, and what mother nature is going to do.

In the glasshouse we have got primroses, polyanthus and potted bulbs and the first of the vegetable seeds will be sown shortly.

In the Farm Shop we have got our own grown, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Sprouting Broccoli, Sprouts, Parsley, Beetroot and Leeks, along with locally grown Potatoes and Onions. The Seville marmalade oranges are now available for those of you who like making your own marmalade, if you like marmalade but don’t want to make it we have got our own home made marmalade made to our own special recipe now available.  Bird seed etc is proving very popular so to help the birds get through winter we have got wild bird seed, peanuts, sunflower hearts, black sunflower and nyger seed all available in small quanties or in large sacks. We have also got a new line in No Waste wild bird seed, this is a blend of husk free seeds which are high in energy ideal for the colder months.

Even though the weather is cold there is always a warm welcome at Roselea Nursery so why not come and have a look.

Sally, Steven and Toni

16th November 2018

The first half of November is now behind us and we have to turn our thoughts to Christmas, it is approaching so quickly now. We have got locally baked Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings in the shop for sale, and are now taking orders for Christmas logs for collection from Monday 17th December. The turkeys and chickens can also be ordered now for collection on Christmas eve, these as usual come from Turnbulls at Gosbeck.  We will start taking orders for fruit and Veg at the end of the month.

In the farm shop we have got all our usual range along with our own grown Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Leeks, Calabrese, Borecole, Beetroot, Parsley. We have got locally grown Apples, onions and potatoes. 

In the glasshouse we still have some Wallflower and Polyanthus to plant out for spring colour and  Tete a Tete bulbs available.

We are now operating on our winter opening hours which are Monday to Friday  8am – 5.30pm Saturday 8am – 5pm and Sunday 10am – 3pm.

So we hope to see you soon.

9th October 2018

Well here we are in the second week of October, where has the time gone. The signs of autumn are here now, trees are starting to lose the leaves ready for the winter rest, the mornings and evenings are getting colder and the nights pulling in. But we are still dry we have had rain but not enough, the winter crops have got a lot of foliage on them and the rain can not penetrate the leaves in the small quantities we have been getting, Sally has had irrigation running again today.

The dryness has not affected what we have available for sale in the farm shop, we are currently harvesting, Savoy, Tundra, Red and White Cabbage, Calabrese shoots, Purple Sprouting Broccolli, Leeks, Celeriac, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Parsley, and various Lettuces.

We have got our own grown fresh cut chrysanthemum’s in mixed colours we can also do straight colours if ordered in advance, which are very popular for harvest festivals.

The various squashes are looking good at the moment, we have pumpkins, turks turban, fairy, crown prince, and autumn crown which come in various shapes and colours all ideal for eating or decoration. 25kg and 12.5kg sacks of  potatoes are now ready, we have Desiree, Estima and Maris Piper all grown on local farms.

Toni is still busy in the glasshouse with the autumn bedding, she has Wallflower plants, Pansies, Polyanthus and spring flowering bulbs. 

So if you are looking for locally grown, quality food with no food miles call in and see us, we are always pleased to see you.

29th July 2018

I asked last month where is the rain, well at last it has arrived we have been 60 plus days without any recordable rain and things were getting desperate. Sally has spent most of her time trying to keep the crops alive with constantly moving the irrigation from crop to crop but nothing is the same as a decent rain, the crops already look happier. The next thing is all the weeds will start growing and all the time will be spent weeding but that is just how it goes. Despite the fact we have had all this dry weather we are harvesting plenty of our own grown salad, vegetables and flowers on a daily basis.

In the glasshouse Toni has still got vegetable plants, currently she has got lettuce, leeks, cauliflower, cabbage and sprouting broccoli ready to plant now. The autumn bedding pansies, primroses and polyanthus have all been ordered along with the spring flowering bulbs and should be available from early to mid September.

In the farm shop we have got our own grown produce along with local potatoes, strawberries and raspberries, it wont be long before we see the first English apples, Discovery usually start early to mid August.

We are currently harvesting

6 varieties of Lettuce





Calabrese shoots



Runner beans

Dwarf beans






Spring onions

Cut Flowers

So with all our own grown freshly harvested produce why not pop along and see us?

26th June 2018

Where is the rain? we are desperate for a nice rain not to much but just enough to give the growing crops a little natural drink, Sally is watering the outside crops all day and much of the evening just to keep them alive and growing, but that is not the same as a good rain. We are still planting weekly to keep the crops coming on in succession, but the land gets drier each time we plant.

We have got a range of vegetable, leek and salad plants available, please see our planting list for more details. The summer bedding has nearly all gone now but we do have a few plants left for those little gaps you find when looking about the garden.

In the farm shop we have a nice selection of seasonal salad, fruit and vegetables. We have got locally grown strawberries and raspberries lovely with cream or ice cream on these hot summer days.

We are currently harvesting daily

Pointed Cabbage

Round Cabbage


Broad Beans

Dwarf Beans



Little Gem

Large leaf Cos

Lollo Rosso

Red Little Gem

Crisp Lettuce





We have got plenty more crops coming on as the season goes on, So with all we have at the moment why not pop and see us and get some Salad and Vegetables with zero food miles.

5th June 2018

Here we are and another month has passed us by, where is the year going? Life here has been very busy in the shop and on the nursery which is how we like it. 

In the field Sally has been busy with planting,watering and maintaining crops, but her major problem again has been wildlife, the whole site is now fenced in but the Hares are still coming in, we think they are jumping the fence between us and the A14 for there nightly feast, Sally has now spent many hours putting up more barriers and we have not had any visits in the last few days so we hope this has stopped them.

Toni has been busy in the glasshouse with all the summer bedding and basket plants, she still has a selection for sale along with various periennials, Cucumbers, herbs and vegetable plants. Our tomato and cucumber plants are all potted up and growing. We are now picking our first cucumbers and the tomatoes won’t be far behind. To see which vegetbale plants are available at the moment please see our planting calendar page.

Our farm shop is now filling up with our own grown and locally produced fruit and vegetables. We are currently harvesting pointed cabbage, 5 varieties of lettuce, beetroot, chard, rhubarb, parsley and Sweet Williams. We will have a continued supply of our own produce during the summer, we have got cauliflowers, calabrese, broad beans, dwarf beans, runner beans, marrows, courgettes all planted out and growing, they just ask for a nice steady rain.

We have got locally produced Maris Bard new potatoes from Brantham along with strawberries, asparagus. Local raspberries will be available from Friday 8th June.

So with everything that is happening here at the moment why not pop along and see us. We are open 8am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 4pm on a Sunday. We hope to see you soon.

Sally, Steven and Toni

2nd May 2018

We will be open over the bank holiday weekend, Saturday 8am – 5.30pm and Sunday and Monday 9am – 4pm.

We have got a full selection of bedding and basket plants, fuchsias, zonal and lvy leaf geraniums. The block raised vegetables plants, runner beans, marrows and courgettes are also available, and for those wanting to get the glasshouse planted the tomato and cucumber plants  can now get planted.

We have got compost and grow bags so with the nice forecast for the weekend why not get planting.

25th April 2018

Here we are another month has passed us by, and hopefully after a cold wet spell the weather is changing for the better, last week we had three seasons in one week it was lovely to feel the sun on your back and watch the plants decide that it was time to come to life again.

The weather really helped us on the nursery, we have now got Broad Beans, Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Calabrese, Beetroot, Chard, and Lettuces all planted out in the field. In the glasshouse Toni has been very busy and now has a selection of Bedding and Basket plants, Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers for sale in the glasshouse but please remember these plants still need frost protection. There is a selection of shrubs and periennials also ready now, now is the ideal time to fill those gaps in the beds and borders to give you colour year after year.

The full selection of block and pot raised vegetables are ready to plant out to give you those nice fresh summer crops, you are best to plant little and often to give you a continued supply throughout the summer. To see what to be planting now please see out planting list.

In the Farm Shop we have all the usual Fruit and Vegetables, along with locally grown Aspargus and Strawberries for that little treat, we must enjoy the aspargus while it is here as the English season is a short one. We are pulling Rhubarb daily and now is a good time to get some in the freezer ready for the winter months, if you would like any for freezing please give us a ring and we can have it ready for you to collect the next day. The wild birds are still eating well, we usually find that the food sales drop off this time of year but this year it is still selling very well. We have the full range in stock and anything we dont stock we can get on request.

Well I am now going to prick off some more seedlings so more next month.

19th March 2018

The sun is shining but the wind has got a real bite to it today as I type this out, we have had some nasty weather since last month, Winter has reminded us that it can still give us problems even now in March. The cold weather has given us problems there has not been the growth in plants that we hope to see this time of year, The vegetable plants are behind but we hope to have these available for sale next week. In the field the daffodils are very slow to come into bud, they are keeping themselves tightly tucked away, the sprouting broccoli is also slow to grow.

In the farm shop at the moment we have got our own grown Leeks, Celeriac, Cabbage, Sprouting Broccoli, Kale, Rhubarb and Daffodils along with the usual fruit and veg selection. We have locally grown Potatoes and Onions direct from the farm so they have not got many food miles.

In the Glasshouse we have got a lovely selection of potted bulbs, primroses and polyanthus all grown here on the nursery. The first tomatoes will be pricked off this week, we have already got 3 batches of brassicas and lettuces pricked off and Toni is today sowing some more to give a continued supply through the season, all we need is some nice warm weather.

I hope when I do a blog next month i can talk about the lovely spring weather and how well everything is doing, until then stay warm.

12th February 2018

Here we are again, another month has passed us by and we are hopefully heading towards Spring, the snowdrops are now in flower, Daffodils are showing bud and yesterday I see the first crocus in flower all signs that the plants are coming out of hibernation. The birds are singing and will soon be looking to nest.

So with all what nature is doing it is now time for us to start another growing season, Toni has got the first Broad Beans sown, the cabbage, cauliflower, lettuces and first tomatoes are now germinated and will need pricking off in the next week so hopefully the first brassica and lettuce plants will be available from mid March and Tomatoes for early to mid April. We now do a succesion of sowings so plants will be available until mid September.

In the farm shop we have all the usual range of Fruit and Vegetables, along with our own grown Leeks, Sprouting Broccoli, Sprouts, Borecole, Beetroot, Cabbage and Parsley. We have got local grown cut daffodils and will be picking our own soon. With the cold weather we have been having the wild bird feed range is very popular, we stiock mixed seed, sunflower hearts, black sunflower seed, peanuts, niger seed and fat balls. Our feeds are available in various size bags from 1kg up to the 20kg sacks.

In the glasshouse we have got a selection of potted spring flowering bulbs, including Tete a Tete, Hyanciths and Snowdrops. The Primroses are now coming into flower and these are available as individual pots of as planted bowls, these are always popular for Mothers day gifts Also now available is a selection of house plants to give a bit of colour indoors.

For those of you wanting to get your first seeds sown we have our full range of compost, these are in 40ltr, 60ltr and 75ltr bags and we will always put them in your car for you, just ask.

Hopefully next time I write this blog Spring will have sprung

19th January 2018

Well I know it is a little bit late but a Happy New Year to you all, Christmas and New Year just seem a distant memory now.

We have been busy at the nursery since Christmas sorting out the plans for the coming year, we have now completed the seed sowing and planting diary to hopefully give us a constant supply of our own grown produce throughout the year, not an easy task but we have been doing it for several years now and it usually works out how we want.

In the Farm Shop we have got our own grown Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Leeks, Celeriac, Sprouts, Sprout Tops, Borecole and Sprouting Broccolli as well as all the usual stock. We have got Marmalade and Ginger Marmalade available for sale which has all been made in the last 2 weeks. 

Dont forget the wild birds in this cold weather, give them a little extra food, we have peanuts, sunflower hearts, wild bird seed, niger seed and fat balls all packed in small amounts or large sacks are also available.

In the glasshouse Toni has got a selection of potted bulbs and different pot plants for sale. The first broad beans have now been sown and the first seeds get sown next week, so hopefully we are heading towards the spring.

Well that is all for now, Keep warm. 

16th December 2017

It is only 9 days to go until Christmas, it is approaching very fast now, I have suddenly realized how much I still have to do before the big day!

We are still taking orders for Fruit and Vegetables, Turkeys, Chickens and Bread until Wednesday 20th, just call in the farm shop and we can help with your requirements. There are still Christmas trees and holly wreaths available to buy along with a selection of pot plants and cut flowers ideal for those Christmas gifts.

We will be open up until 2pm on Christmas eve, and then we will have a rest for 2 days and then reopen on Wednesday 27th. For our opening hours between Christmas and the new year please see our home page.

18th November 2017

Half on November is now behind us, it is a month that I do not like, the daylight has gone, the temperture is dropping down and the plants are going to sleep for the winter, if only I could do the same!

We are now thinking about Christmas at the nursery, we have got Christmas trees and Holly Wreaths on order and hope to have the first of these for sale on Saturday December 2nd. We are taking orders for Turkeys and Chickens for collection on Christmas eve between 9am and 12 noon, there are locally reared at Gosbeck by P J Turnbull and Son, we have sold these for many years and always get 100% positive feedback from customers with most returning each year.

The Bread Basket in Walton have also been very busy with traditional Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes, Chocolate logs and minced pies. The cakes, puddings and mince pies are for sale in the Farm Shop now and the Chocolate logs need to be ordered for collection from Monday 18th December.

We have got locally hand made Christmas cards for sale, these are made by two customers and prove very popular, also in the shop we have the Suffolk Wildlife Trust cards, designs are by local artists.

In the farm shop the Dingley Dell Pork is proving very popular, we have got smoked back bacon, smoked ham, gammon steaks and sausages any of these items can be ordered for collection Christmas week. The Christmas nuts and dates etc will be in stock for next week, so buy them early and try not to eat them before the event. The pickled onions are soaking up the vinegar and will be just right for Christmas, Toni and myself dont care if we never see an onion again after peeling all that lot!

A new range of pot plants are looking pretty as you walk in the shop or glasshouse, they make an ideal gift or just something to cheer yourself up on these long November nights.

Orders for fruit and vegetables for collection Christmas week can be placed, the order forms can be collected from the shop and returned by December 20th and we will have your box ready for you to collect on your chosen day, taking the hassle out of shopping. The order forms for bread etc are also ready and bread can be collected up until December 23rd. (Please note that there is NO bread being baked on December 24th)

So with all that is happening at the moment why not come along and see us, we look forward to seeing you.

16th October 2017

Well here we are half way through October, the nights are drawing in but we have still had some lovely sunny days, but we would like a little rain we don’t usually think of October as being dry but we have been several weeks without any decent rain and the crops would like a little drink.

We are still busy on the nursery at the moment, we are still harvesting daily along with getting the overwintered crops weeded and ready for the winter to give us the crops during the winter and early spring. We have just planted some more early Daffodil bulbs in the field to give us some nice spring flowers to sell.

In the glasshouse we have got Spring flowering bulbs, Pansies, Polyanthus and Wallflowers and waiting to get planted to give that colour in the spring. The pansies are in flower now so you can enjoy the colour now and again in the Spring.

As you will have noticed we have moved the Farm shop around, It has been 10 years since we moved in the new shop and had not made hardly any changes since, so buying a new chiller to put in the shop gave us the ideal reason to have a change. We are pleased with the new look and have had a lot of positive comments from customers and we thank you for those, we always like hearing your views and will listen to any suggestions.

The new chiller is now working and hopefully the first delivery of Dingle Dell pork is due in tomorrow, we are starting with Ham, Sausages and Bacon and will increase the range as time goes on, please speak to us about what you would like to see us stock.

We are currently harvesting:




Calabrese Shoots

Sprouting Broccoli




5 varieties  of Lettuces


Why not pop along and see us it is always lovely to see you.

The Genuine Roselea Nursery tells the real story of Fake Farms!

Did you know the supermarkets are potentially misleading customers on the origin of their food? The supermarkets have recently introduced their own Farm Brands. For example Orchard Farm – Fruit and Hillside Farm – Beef. This leads us to believe the food is from a farm in Britain but the ‘Farms’ are fictional and do not exist. Unlike Roselea Nursery, where much of the produce in our shop is grown here on the nursery or sourced locally from suppliers with whom we have worked for many years, that newly branded supermarket food has almost certainly travelled many miles and is probably produced to standards well below those we are used to in the UK.

The early morning BBC Radio 4 program ‘Farming Today’ has recently focused on this subject and this attention has raised many complaints. We at Roselea Nursery are not only going to continue to produce fresh, local food of great quality, we are going to make sure our valued and loyal customers are made even more aware of the tricks of the supermarkets.

Roselea Nursery is not in the business of here today and gone tomorrow. The team here work hard to give you what you want and we believe that is, as we say on our website “the freshest crops and the friendliest service”.

 But we need to know. Please send us your comments and use this email address to do so… We will investigate each mail we receive and we will do all we can to help you to continue to enjoy our produce. Please help us in our work to deliver you an even better service in the future. Thank you very much.

The Roselea Nursery Team.

8th September 2017

We now have the wallflower and pansy plants available for sale, to ensure you get the wallflowers you require please let us know the day before you would like them so the plants can be ready for you. To order plants please phone us on 01394 448675. We have also got Sweet Williams, Violas, Bellis and Brompton Stocks ready and the Spring flowering bulbs should be available any day now.

For all the customers who have been asking for Desiree potatoes from Cordle’s at Chelmondiston these will be available for sale from Friday 8th September.

23rd August 2017

It has been a while since I updated the latest news, the days just seem to go so quickly at this time of the year. Life here has been busy for us all over the last few weeks. Sally is still very busy in the field, Toni is busy again in the glasshouse getting ready for the autumn bedding and Steven is kept busy in the shop.

Sally is still busy in the field harvesting, planting and maintaining the growing crops, nature has helped her with the little and often rain we have had, saving her time sorting irrigation. The white butterflies are getting about and she now has to keep a look out for the eggs on the brassicas we dont want crops full of caterpillars. 

Toni is busy in the glasshouse getting the autumn bedding ready. She has got Stocks and forget me nots ready now, pansies will hopefully be in ready in around 2 weeks time. The wallflowers are all pricked off now and the first plants will be for sale in the next few days. In the field Toni is cutting flowers each day so the shop has a nice selection of our own grown traditional flowers. At present Toni has got Sunflowers, Statice, Asters, Chrysanthemum, Antirrhinum, and mixed bunches.

In the farm shop we have got a nice selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. We have got local strawberries, raspberries, Victoria plums, Discovery, Worcester, James Grieves and Bramley apples. We are harvesting daily for the farm shop at present we have got grown on the nursery,

Lettuce 5 varieties






Runner Beans

Dwarf Beans








We will be open as usual over the bank holiday weekend, but Monday we only open the shop between 9am and 4pm. We hope to see you soon

13th July 2017

As I sit here typing this the sun is shining and we have clear blue skies, we had a lovely rain overnight on Tuesday which has perked up all the crops, we have the irrigation running when it is dry but it never does the same as a natural rain. Sally’s battle with the wildlife is still continuing but it has improved from the last blog I wrote but we are still having problems trying to stop Hares and Rabbits from dining here each night!

In the farm shop we have all the seasonal fruit and vegetables, We have got local strawberries, raspberries and cherries which all have a fantastic flavour at this time of year. We are harvesting daily for the shop and have currently got :

Lettuce 5 varieties






Runner Beans

Dwarf Beans






Toni has now slowed down in the glasshouse with bedding plants but is already starting to plan for the autumn bedding. We grow all our Pansies and Primroses from plug plants and these have already been ordered. The first of the autumn bedding has been sown, it is a horrible thought that we are only in July and already planning for the September/ October sales of plants, it feels we are wishing the year away.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

12th June 2017

Another month has gone past and I can not believe that we are nearly at the longest day, everybody is busy at the nursery at the moment. Sally is still having her battle with the wildlife, which is very depressing for her to see all the hard work she is putting into the crops being eaten by hares, rabbits and pigeons. We are now having to spend out on a 6 foot fence to hopefully keep the hares and rabbits out. We are harvesting each day along with planting and maintaining the crops, watering as and when needed, although nature has helped out in the last few days.

Toni has still got a selection of bedding and basket plants available in the glasshouse. We have also got hostas, lavender, hollyhock’s, lupin’s and a selection of  herbs. We have got a full selection of vegetable plants, to see what we have available at the moment please see our planting calendar. The glasshouse has now got the tomato and cucumber plants in it, the first tomatoes are now set and won’t belong before we start to pick them, we are already picking the first cucumbers.

In the Farm Shop we have got plenty of lovely fresh produce, we are harvesting daily so the food miles field to shelves,  you can’t yet fresher than that. We have also got local new potatoes, Strawberries, Raspberries and cherries in the shop now

We are currently harvesting daily

Lettuce 5 different varieties




Broad Beans



Spring Onions

Dwarf Beans



SO why not pop along and see us, and try our fresh grown produce and talk to us about crops to follow on throughout the season.

18th May 2017

We have now had 2 days of lovely rain and the crops are looking so much better for some of natures moisture , a good rain does so much better than irrigating. So now the land is moist it is an excellent time to get planting with the warmer weather the plants will soon get growing. So why not take advantage of nature and come and see us and fill the garden with vegetable plants to give you fresh food during the year and fill the borders and tubs with colour.

15th May 2017

Well another month has passed us by and we are still awaiting some rain, but as I type this there are a few spots hitting on the window, hopefully it will be a decent rain and do some good. Sally has been busy in the field planting and maintaining the crops, but one of her important jobs has been irrigating the growing crops.  The dry season appears to have given us more problems than usual with rabbits and hares, all desperate for moisture, the hares jump over our 4 foot rabbit netting like a horse in the Grand National. The rabbits are not happy with all the grass they have along the A14 and are eating through the rabbit netting to get a more varied diet. We hope to start cutting the first lettuce very soon, which is about two weeks later than usual. We have got lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, calabrese, beetroot, broad beans, dwarf beans, runner beans, peas, parsley, fennel, shallots and Spring onions all planted out in the field, we just need some rain and warmth to get them growing now.

In the glasshouse Toni has been busy with all the bedding and basket plants, we have a selection of basket plants, fuschias, zonal geraniums, osteospermums, helitropes, begonias, trailing begonias and a lot of bedding plants. We have also got tomato, cucumber, gherkins, ridge cucumber, peppers, chillies in the glasshouse and outside we have lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, calabrese, sprouts, beetroot, chard, spinach, dwarf bean, runner bean and leeks all now ready to plant out. We also have some perennials and hostas.

In the shop we have got locally grown Asparagus, Strawberries, Raspberries available now along with all the usual fruit and vegetables. We now have a new line in  Gluten Free cakes which are proving to be very popular. There are also some new jams in the shop, Strawberry, Victoria Plum and Raspberry. So with all that is going on why not call in and see us? We look forward to seeing you!

12th April 2017

I started last month complaining about yet more rain and this month it is the reverse, we are dry and looking for a nice rain, the first lettuce, beetroot, cauliflower, calabrese, cabbage and broad beans have all been planted in the field and are looking for a drink. Sally was only saying the other day she has been growing crops for 37 years and can never remember having to irrigate in April. And looking at the forecast there is no sign of any real decent rain on the horizon.

In the glasshouse we have got the first of the bedding and basket plants for those of you that want to get your tubs and baskets planted up to grow on in your glasshouse so they are nice and full when mother nature allows us to put tender plants outside. We have got tomato plants also available we have got Shirley and Gardeners delight ready now with Tumbler, Moneymaker, Roma (plum) and Sungold (Yellow) all to follow.

In the vegetable plants we have got 5 varieties of lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, calabrese, beetroot, spinach, chard and broad beans all ready to be planted out. They are individual plants so you have just 1 plant if that is all you require.

In the farm shop the shelves are all stocked as usual, along with the first local strawberries and asparagus for that early season treat. We are currently harvesting white sprouting broccoli, rhubarb, and cabbages.

Happy Easter to you all, and don’t eat too many Easter eggs!!!

8 March 2017

Well as I sit here typing this out it is again raining, after such a lovely day yesterday the wet has returned. But the rain does not stop us doing our daily jobs, we still harvest each day and the plants in the glasshouse still need looking after.

In the glasshouse we have got some lovely looking primroses in full flower to give you that lovely sign that spring is around the corner and we have now got the first vegetables plants available to plant out, at the moment we have got Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Calabrese, 6 varieties of lettuce and broad bean plants. The first tomato plants are coming on well and now have the first true leaf so it will not be long before these will be ready for sale. We are sowing every week so the plants will be available throughout the spring and summer going into early autumn. We have got the full range of composts in stock. We have Tippland and Humax multipurpose in various size bags, and levington and humax growbags.

In the farmshop we have all the usual range of fruit and vegetables and we are currently harvesting white and purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbage, leeks, celeriac, parsley and beetroot. We are also picking our own Daffodils and there are only 65p bunch.

So with everything we have at the moment why not call in and see us.

13 February 2017

Here we are again another month has passed us by and spring is getting closer, the sun has been lovely today but we still had the biting wind but they tell us we are going to warm up as the week goes on.

The first broad beans are now showing there heads thinking is it safe to emerge from this pot! I will prick the first Lettuce, Cabbage and Calabrese seedlings out this week so hopefully the first vegetable plants will be ready mid March. We have got Cauliflowers, Leeks, Shallots and early Tomatoes sown.

We have got primrose’s in pots at £1.20 each in the glasshouse now showing flower, along with boxes 0f 12 polyanthus at £4.50 per box, so why not add a little spring colour to that windowsill or in those dull looking borders.

In the news we keep hearing about the shortage of Spanish crops such as Calabrese, Courgettes and lettuce, this is because they have had unseasonable weather. There is no need to worry because we have got plenty of seasonal English crops at the moment. In the farm shop we have got our own grown Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks, Celeriac, Cauliflowers and 4 different varieties of Cabbage along with the English Parsnip, Swede, Turnip and Sprouts so there is no shortage of vegetables to put on the plate.

The marmalade production has been in full swing and we now have Seville marmalade, Three fruits marmalade, ginger marmalade and a Lemon and Lime marmalade, so if you didn’t get round to making your own we have got plenty of jars available.

We have had a few people asking about horse feeds, this is not something we stock but we can get to order, just pop in the shop and have a chat with us.

So with all we have going on at the moment why not pop in and see us and see what we have to offer.

19 January 2017

Well I know it is a bit late but a happy new year to you all, I cant believe that we are already half way through January, Christmas seems a distant memory now.

A new year brings new challenges and new hopes for the year to come, we have now completed our seed sowing plan and the first seeds will be sown this week so if nature helps us along our way the first vegetable plants should be ready for sale mid March.

It is now marmalade time, we have got the Seville oranges in the farm shop now, so on a cold winters day why not get the preserving pan out and get some marmalade made, if you don’t want to make your own we have our own made marmalade for sale in the farm shop.

In the farm shop we have got our own grown Sprouts, Cauliflowers, Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks, Celeriac, Parsley, Borecole and Cabbages along with all the usual range of fruit and Vegetables.

16 November 2016

I have been saying we wanted a rain but now we have had too much, we are never happy! The temperature has been very up and down we don’t seem to get 2 days the same.

Now the colder days are here we are now thinking about Christmas, the farm shop now has a variety of Christmas stock. We have got Nuts, Figs and dates, locally baked Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes and are taking orders for Christmas logs and turkeys/chickens. We will be taking orders for fruit and vegetables for collection Christmas week from the end of November.

The farm shop has all the usual range of fruit and vegetables, we are still harvesting daily, cabbage, cauliflowers, curly kale, calabrese shoots, leeks, beetroot, parsley and lettuce. The first sprouting broccoli is now coming on and we are cutting about twice a week. Also we have cyclamen and hyacinths in pots, along with mixed bouquets and Chrysanthemums as cut flowers. So why not pop in and see us, it is always lovely to see you.

13 October 2016

Well the year is passing us by fast, where has it gone? The nights are pulling in and the temperature is going downwards, but we have at last had a nice rain, this has really helped the growing crops and they all look much happier for the moisture.

We are busy lifting the field grown wallflowers on a daily basis, many customers order there plants a day or two in advance that helps us by knowing what we need to lift and also ensures the customer gets there requirements when they want them. The pansy and panola plants are looking lovely at the moment, full of flower and ready to plant out in tubs or borders.

Now the dark nights and cooler days are here the outdoor work is slowing up so now we start planning for 2017, sorting out a seed sowing and planting plan to keep a continuity of fresh produce on the shelves, we are always open to suggestions of other crops we could try growing so any ideas please talk to us. 

In the shop we have all our usual own grown produce along with the local apples and seasonal fruit. The first jars of pickled onions are now ready and on the shelves. We had a few tears peeling those!!!!

As from Monday 31st October we will be starting our winter opening hours, the weekdays will stay the same 8.00am to 5.30pm, but Saturday will now be 8.00am to 5.00pm and Sunday will be 10.00am to 4.00pm just until the clocks change again in the spring.

That is all for now, I expect next month I will have to mention that Christmas word.

15 September 2016

As another month has passed us by it is time for another update on nursery life, we are still busy with harvesting and maintaining the crops along with trying to keep them watered, we hope mother nature will soon help us out.

The field grown wallflowers are growing on nicely and we hope to soon be able to offer these for sale. The Pansy, Panola, Viola, Brompton stocks and Bellis plants are all ready to be planted out in your borders, tubs and containers.

A new idea we are trying this autumn are planted herb bowls for the winter months, ideal for putting by the back door or in the kitchen or conservatory for fresh herbs for the winter, we have bowls ready planted or can make up your choice of herbs, just pop in and talk to us.

We are checking our visitor numbers to our website and it is good to see how many people are visiting our site and reading our latest news, if you have any suggestions on anything you would like to see on the website please let us know.

In the shop you will find our own grown brassicas including cabbages, cauliflowers, calabrese, curly kale.  Leeks, beetroot, tomatoes, 5 different lettuce and fresh cut chrysanthemums are all being harvested daily to keep everything as fresh as possible.

The 25kg and 12.5kg sacks of potatoes are available now, we have got Desiree, Vanessa and Estima at the moment with more varieties to follow as the season moves on.

So with all we have going on at the moment call in and see what we have to offer, it is always lovely to see customers old and new.

15 August 2016

The nursery moves with the times and you may have noticed our newly displayed web address on the gable end of the Farm Shop. The sign and its message have been an instant success and some of our valued customers have given us good feedback about the website so please keep it coming and also tell us what you think of our monthly newsletter. We welcome your comments and we thank you for them. We know for sure that at least two visitors to the area found us on the web and came and bought their holiday supplies from us.


Here on the site, the dry weather continues and we have had to irrigate the growing crops more frequently.  In the field, our new season chrysanthemums are ready for sale as a cut flower, the asters, statice, sunflower, antirrhinums and other lovely flowers look a picture and are now ready to brighten your home. Given that the warm weather will continue, the sweet corn and the leeks should be in the Farm Shop by the end of the month.


The wall flower plants are now pricked off, growing on well and are looking good as is the autumn bedding which will soon be ready to sell. The spring cabbage plants are now ready for sale so please come in and buy some in order to enjoy fresh greens from March to May next year when vegetables are in short supply. In the shop you will find our own grown runner beans, dwarf beans and brassicas including cauliflowers, calabrese, savoy, tight head Tundra cabbage and curly kale. Our own tomatoes, beetroot, cucumbers and different lettuces are flavoursome, fresh and full of healthy goodness. 


Plug Plants.

We plan to test the “Plug plants to order” on-line ordering process over the next few weeks to make sure it’s ready to launch in October. Meantime we have had a request for onion seed plug plants and we will grow these for our customers. We have tested the process, the trial went well, we sow 5 or 6 seeds per module and you plant them out in a clump when ready. Good results were obtained this season.

The parsnips trial continues to go well and the crop looks good in both trial plots.

But, the fennel trial is a case of “Crop failed” as all the plants went to seed. We are investigating and will try again.

Let us know please if you have a request for some plug plant we have not mentioned.


15th July 2016

Our block plant trial continues. Having recently germinated some parsnips in blocks they have now been hardened off and are now being planted in 2 different trial plots. Also we have just sown some new season Florence Fennel and we are trying a mouth watering  Austrian recipe for you, once we are happy with it we will publish it on the website when the fennel is available. We will keep you posted on both the new ventures as thing progress.

22nd June 2016

For many years we have grown pot and block vegetable plants and we will continue to do so. Now we are planning to introduce a new innovative pre-order scheme for those customers who prefer to plan ahead. We are very willing to listen to customers who might want to grow plants we have not normally offered – please talk to us.

Our new scheme should mean you get all the plants you want when you want them because they will be here ready for your collection when weather conditions are right for planting.

So watch this space and we’ll keep you updated as our plans progress.