Our Nursery


All the salad and vegetable plants grown on our nursery we sell to gardeners and allotment holders. We obtain our seeds from commercial breeders employing the latest disease resistances, and who provide varieties not yet available to independent gardeners.

From their purchase these seeds are sown by us and pricked off into individual peat blocks, meaning they can be sold in any amount to suit individual requirements and you don’t have to buy the amount the producer wants you to have. You will have heard of Plug Plants and we think and believe our peat block system is a better system. We specify the compost content, we carefully grow the plants on until they are ready for you and then we offer them for sale direct to you without further root disturbance, no delivery miles, no postage cost and no plastic packaging, you are welcome to bring your own trays to put your plants in if you wish. You are invited to try this true and tested, environmentally friendly method and, please, give us your feedback about the results.

Other plants, including beans, courgettes, squashes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs are grown in pots.

We also grow many spring and summer bedding and basket plants and provide winter pansies, polyanthus and wallflowers in the Autumn. Please see our Planting Calendar for information on the best time to purchase these plants.


Our nursery stocks many different types of compost, ranging from Humax Multipurpose and Gro Bags. These can be bought in various sizes.